The preservation of fertility began to develop after observing that the treatments used against cancer, both chemotherapy and radiotherapy produced sterility as a side effect in a not inconsiderable percentage. The infertility associated with oncological treatments was an adverse effect that was not important next to the serious health problem presented by the patients. That is, it was “the least”. Fortunately, this fact has changed and most doctors are aware of the importance of fertility for a young patient who has not had children or who has not completed her offspring. On the other hand, as a result of the socio-cultural changes that we are living through, women seek employment and economic stability before considering motherhood, but at the same time it is well known that fertility is declining with age. There where the other indication of preservation of fertility that has more and more followers has emerged, is the so-called social indication. According to doctors, what is causing the demand of this field of reproduction to increase? Oncological pathologies have increased in young ages. At the same time they have improved medical treatments and therefore, survival.

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