Privacy Notice and Protection of Personal Data of Clínica Vida Fértil

Purposes and use of personal data

Clínica Vida Fértil, is responsible for the effects of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by individuals, with domicile in South America 401 Interior of Colonia Vista Hermosa, Monterrey, NL, Mexico, in accordance with the provisions of Article 17, Fraction II of the Data Law, we inform you that we treat the personal data that we will send you with the following purposes:

1.- To provide the medical attention that it requires, for what diverse services of the Clínica Vida Fértil, can have access to them (laboratory, clinical analysis, radiology and image, etc.)

2.- Send your data to your treating doctors or interconsultants.

3.- Transfer your data, where appropriate, an insurer with whom you have contracted the medical insurance policy.

4.- Integrate your clinical file.

5.- Guarantee a correct treatment.

6.- Determine if you need to be treated as a vulnerable and high risk patient.

7.- For the fulfillment of the rights and obligations acquired by the signing of the contract for the rendering of services.

8.- For satisfaction surveys of services.

9.- Answer any complaint, question and comment.

10.- Create databases (including databases regarding sensitive data) for medical care, teaching, statistics, processes for improvement of care and / or quality, for the analysis of the satisfaction of related services with the provision of the service

11.- Meet the requirements of the competent authorities and comply with the applicable regulations.

Therefore, and in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes, the following personal data will be treated: full name, address, home telephone number, work or office, mobile phone number, marital status, age, sex, nationality, date of birth, name and address of a family member designated as responsible family member and with whom we can communicate in case of emergency; in your case, your policy number and other information related to the medical expenses insurance that you have contracted, if applicable, credit card account number, which may be requested in order to verify the name of the cardholder, number of account, Banking Institution, authorized credit amount, fiscal data. In order to provide hospital medical care and in accordance with the applicable health legislation, the following sensitive personal data will be requested: religion, current health status, past and present illnesses, inherited family history, symptoms, relevant pathological antecedents, history of Health.

In relation to the personal data mentioned in the previous paragraph, Clínica Vida Fértil, undertakes that the treatment will be absolutely essential for the aforementioned purposes and to treat them under the appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality thereof, and that In case of foreseeing another purpose, your authorization will be requested making the modification to the respective Privacy Notice.

Name and address of the person responsible for personal data

Clínica Vida Fértil, has appointed a person in charge of personal data, by means of whom, you, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, may request through the email, the exercise of your rights ARCO, which consist of Access to your personal data, its Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition to its treatment for specific purposes, being C. Elisa Edith Posada Gil, responsible for following up your request, and giving you an answer within 20 (twenty) business days. Also through the C. Elisa Edith Posada Gil, You may revoke your consent to this Privacy Notice.

In accordance with the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, Clínica Vida Fértil, may publish and make available to the Holders of Personal Data collected or generated, Specific privacy notices and for which may require express consent or tacit of the Holder of personal data.

For any information about this Privacy Notice or for the exercise of any of the rights derived from the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, you should contact Clínica Vida Fértil, telephone (81) 11 07 12 00, Email:

Measures to keep the confidentiality and handling of personal data.

Clínica Vida Fértil, has policies and procedures that contemplate security measures and controls to protect Personal Data, especially Sensitive Personal Data. Therefore, the Personal Data, including the Sensitive Personal Data provided voluntarily, whether in physical form, electronically or by any other means, are treated and stored in a confidential manner through technological means and internal protection procedures.

The owners of the Personal Data users of Clínica Vida Fértil, are obliged to provide accurate, clear and complete data at the time of collection, notwithstanding that the aforementioned users may exercise their right to rectify them, in terms of the applicable Law.

ARCO procedure

(Rights of Access, Rectification, Opposition and Cancellation)

For the exercise of your ARCO rights and / or the revocation of your consent for the revocation of your personal data by Clínica Vida Fértil, you must submit a request for the exercise of ARCO rights, to the email address of the person responsible for personal data mentioned above, accompanied of the following information:

a. Full name and address (street, number, neighborhood, municipality, state, zip code).

b. Identification with which proves his personality (voter’s credentials, current passport, professional identification card and / or immigration documents).

c. In case of not being the holder of the rights, a power of attorney duly ratified before a Notary Public. In cases of minor, legal representation must be certified by a certified copy of the birth certificate and current passport.

d. A clear and precise description of the personal rights over which one seeks to exercise any of the ARCO rights.

and. Any document or information that proves that your personal data is in the possession of Clínica Vida Fértil.

F. In case of requesting a rectification of data, the modifications that must be made must also be presented clearly and the documentation supporting your request will be attached.

The person responsible for your personal data will respond to your request by email, within 20 working days of receipt of the receipt, and an appointment will be scheduled so that you personally present the original documents for collation. sent at the beginning of your request, with the understanding of not going, the procedure request will be filed.

When the request is appropriate, and the corresponding comparisons are made, the terms to carry out the request will be:

a) for data access, within 15 days once you have received the affirmative answer to your request.

b) for the rectification of data, within 15 days once you have received the affirmative answer to your request.

c) for the cancellation or opposition of the data, the blocking of the data will be done first, from the moment in which the information received was collated, where the information of the data will be restricted until there is a response to the request, if affirmative in the following 15 days, and if it is negative, the unlocking will proceed.

The aforementioned deadlines may be extended for an occasion if necessary due to consideration of the person responsible for the protection of personal data and prior to notification by email.

Clínica Vida Fértil, may deny the exercise of ARCO Rights in the following cases:

I. When he is not the holder of personal rights and / or when he can not prove legal representation.

II. When your personal data does not work in the database of the person in charge.

III. When the rights of a third party are injured.

IV. When there is a legal impediment or the resolution of a competent authority that restricts your ARCO rights.

V. In case of cancellation, when the personal data are object of treatment for the prevention or medical treatment.

The refusal may be partial, in which case, Clínica Vida Fértil, will make the Access, Rectification, Cancellation and / or Opposition of the corresponding part.

Transfer of Personal Data

Clínica Vida Fértil, does not transfer Personal Data, but may share all or part of the Personal Data with third parties with whom the Personal Data Holder has a legal or conventional relationship, to carry out activities and operations regarding the payment of medical services .

Modifications to the Privacy, Legislation and Jurisdiction Notice

Clínica Vida Fértil reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice, in which case the modification will be notified through the communication means that Clínica Vida Fértil considers most appropriate, for that purpose (for example, it may be , email, notices in the media, direct communication and / or an announcement on our website).

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