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What is reproductive surgery?

Infertility is a problem that involves 15% of the population. The scientific advances have managed to establish treatments that promote the union of the sperm and the ovule, however, not in all cases are effective, since they depend on what causes infertility. The reproductive surgery is a procedure to observe uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, in order to detect a…

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What is reproductive surgery? HYSTEROSCOPY

The reproductive surgery is a procedure to observe uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, in order to detect a problem that is causing infertility and should always be considered when the patient has a history of surgeries such as appendectomy, intestinal surgeries, ovarian surgery, or in fallopian tubes. In general there are two types of reproductive surgery: Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy (Surgery…

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What is infertility?

When a couple has difficulty getting pregnant, it can be a fertility problem of the man or woman or both. In many occasions it can be frustrating to ignore the reason for infertility. Some causes of infertility in women are: Irregular menstrual periods, Thyroid problems, History of sexually transmitted diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, age over 35 years, being…

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Infertility in Male Diagnosis

When a couple is having trouble having a baby, there is a 50% chance that the man has a problem that contributes to this infertility. The problems that the man could present would be: • Production of very few sperm to fertilize the egg • Production of sperm that do not have a proper shape or that do not move…

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Male Fertility

Monterrey, Mexico (June 25, 2015) .- In a sexual relationship, a man without fertility problems must produce more than 15 million sperm. But 20 percent of men globally generate a smaller number of sperm, so they are responsible for cases of infertility, explained today specialists in Biology of Human Reproduction and in Reproductive Medicine and Fertility. “The problems in the…

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Complications of Multiple Gestalt

The goal of infertility treatment should be the birth of a unique and healthy child. Many of the treatment options offered to infertile couples, however, are associated with high risks of multiple gestation. In addition, many couples see multiple pregnancy as a desired situation and are not aware of the risks that this generates for both parents and newborns. Patients…

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Am I ovulating?

What is ovulation? Ovulation is the release of an ovum from the ovaries and it is essential to get pregnant. Ovulation is spontaneously triggered some 36 to 40 hours after the blood levels of a hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH) rise. This is called the peak of the LH. Once released from the ovary, the egg is picked up by…

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